CLI (Beta)

Manage your PowerSync environment programmatically

You can use the PowerSync CLI to manage your PowerSync environment from your machine. Specifically, you can:

Getting started

To begin, initialize the CLI via npx:

npx powersync init

Personal Access Token

npx powersync init
? Enter your API token: [hidden]

You need to provide an access (API) token to initialize the CLI. These can be created in the Dashboard, using the Create Personal Access Token action (search for it using the command palette).

Use the Revoke Personal Access Token action to revoke access.


For more information on the available commands, please refer to:

Known issues and limitations

  • When deploying sync rules from the CLI, the sync-rules.yaml file shown in the PowerSync Dashboard could be out of date. You can run the Compare deployed sync rules action in the Dashboard to review the latest deployed sync rules.

  • Certificates cannot currently be managed from the CLI.

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