Getting Started

Self-host PowerSync in your own infrastructure (PowerSync Open Edition or PowerSync Enterprise Self-Hosted Edition).

Our self-hosting docs are a work in progress. Please reach out on our Discord if you have specific questions.

The PowerSync Service can be self-hosted using Docker. It is published to Docker Hub as journeyapps/powersync-service

We have four starting points, detailed below:

Overview Video (1 minute)

This video provides a quick introduction to the PowerSync Open Edition:

Demo Project (5 minutes)

The quickest way to get a feel for the system is to run our example project on your development machine using Docker Compose. You can find it here:

This is also the recommended starting point if you plan to self-host for development purposes only.

Deployment Templates (15 minutes)

Some deployment templates are coming soon.

Installation (1 hour)

See our Installation section for instructions to run the PowerSync Service in a production environment.

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