Performance and Limits

The current cloud Pro plan has the following limits and expected performance. Contact us if you expect higher usage.

  • Number of synced buckets per user: 1,000.

    • Sync requests where this number is exceeded will fail with a hard error.

  • Number of rows synced per client: Currently scales efficiently to around 10,000 - 100,000 rows, with plans to scale to over 1M rows per client soon.

  • Maximum row size: 15MB

    • This applies to both the source Postgres row, and the transformed row synced to the client.

  • Number of concurrent connections per PowerSync service instance: Limited to 3,000 by default.

  • Replicated rows (Postgres -> PowerSync Service):

    • Expect a peak of around 2,000-4,000 operations/second for small rows, or 5MB/second for large rows.

    • This also applies to reprocessing sync rules or adding new tables.

    • Smaller transactions are processed at around 60 transactions/second.

  • Synced rows (PowerSync service -> Client): Expect around 1,000-10,000 operations/second/client, depending on the client.

  • Storage size: A soft limit of 100GB for data stored on the PowerSync service by default.

  • Number of unique users: No hard limit.

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