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Quickstart Guide


We recommend starting with the PowerSync Overview to understand the overall architecture of PowerSync and how it works.

Sign Up for PowerSync

If you have not yet signed up for PowerSync, you can do so here.

App Frameworks Supported: Flutter, React Native & Expo, and JS Web

PowerSync currently works with apps built using Flutter, React Native & Expo, or web (JavaScript).

Backend Databases Supported

PowerSync currently works with any backend that uses a Postgres database.
In addition, PowerSync has prebuilt functionality to make it easy to use with Supabase, a backend-as-a-service based on Postgres.

Looking to Try Out PowerSync, or Have a Supabase Backend?

An easy way to get started with PowerSync is by using it with Supabase.

Other Postgres Backends (Non-Supabase)

If you are not using Supabase, please follow the steps in the Installation section.


Join us on our community Discord server if you have any questions.