Integrate with your Backend

The PowerSync backend connector provides the connection between your application backend and the PowerSync client-slide managed SQLite database.

It is used to:

  1. Retrieve a token to connect to the PowerSync instance.

  2. Apply local changes on your backend application server (and from there, to Postgres)

Accordingly, the connector must implement two methods:

  1. fetchCredentials() — This is called every couple of minutes and is used to obtain credentials for your app backend API. See Authentication Setup for instructions on how the credentials should be generated.

  2. uploadData() — Use this to upload client-side changes to your app backend.

    See Writing Client Changes for considerations on the app backend implementation.

Example implementation

For an example implementation of a backend connector, see the Getting Started section of the SDK reference for your platform:

More Examples

For additional implementation examples, see the Example / Demo Apps section.

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