Usage & Billing

Usage & billing for PowerSync Cloud (our cloud-hosted offering).

How billing works

When using PowerSync Cloud, your organization may contain multiple projects. Each project can contain multiple instances. For example:

  • Organization: Acme Corporation

    • Project: Travel App

      • Instance: Staging

      • Instance: Production

    • Project: Admin App

      • Instance: Staging

      • Instance: Production

Your organization only has a single subscription with a single plan (Free, Pro, or Enterprise).

Usage quotas (e.g. data processing, storage, sync operations) apply to your entire organization, regardless of the number of projects.

Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks all benefits for every project in your organization. For example, no instances in a "Pro" organization will be paused. See our pricing page for plan details.


Usage for all projects in your organization is aggregated in a monthly billing cycle. These totals are reflected in your monthly invoice.

On our paid plans, the base fee (plus applicable tax) is charged at the start of every billing cycle.

If your month's usage exceeds your plan's limits, the overage will be charged at the end of the billing cycle.

Your current billing cycle's usage and upcoming invoice total can be tracked in the Admin Portal - learn more in View and manage your subscription.

Invoices will be automatically charged to your provided payment card. Learn more in Spending caps.

View and manage your subscription

Your PowerSync usage and billing can be tracked and managed in the Admin Portal.

We are gradually rolling out this functionality to users. If you are not seeing your subscription details at this time, please reach out to us and we'll enable it for you.


In the "Subscriptions" tab you can:

  1. View your active subscription

  2. View your usage for the current billing cycle

  3. View the amount of your upcoming invoice

  4. Upgrade your PowerSync Plan

    • The ability to downgrade or cancel your plan is coming soon — in the mean time, please contact us for this.

Billing settings

In the "Billing" tab you can:

  1. Update billing details, such as your billing organization name, address and email address which should receive invoices and receipts.

  2. Manage your credit card(s) used for payments.

    • Credit card details are never stored on our servers; all billing is securely processed by our payment provider, Stripe.

Spending caps

Alerts and spending caps are currently in development, and will be available in a future release.

In the mean time, Pro Plan invoices over $100 will not immediately be charged. In these cases, we will reach out to the organization owner for review. The $100 threshold amount can be customized per organization — let us know if you need a higher or lower amount configured.

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